Monday, May 27, 2013

And its been a YEAR...

Last Saturday was one year since Zoe Jane was born.

Can it be? Has it been that long since I held that tiny pink bundle and prayed that she was breathing?

I haven't blogged in a long while because my grief has taken several different turns over the last year and I am working on other outlets.

Some days I just don't have much to say.

But today, today I have a lot to say. Today I want everyone who reads this to do something for me.

I have never asked for anything. I know that a ton of people read this blog ( I see the numbers) and I am asking each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, to please read below and follow the directions.

There is a movie called Return to Zero that has been made about stillbirth. Yes, it sucks and its sad and no one wants to talk about it but I NEED to talk about it. You have all been on this journey with me after losing Zoe. She was stillborn. It was the worst day of my life. People didn't know what to say or what to do... I know this because I lost friends, gained others and have had people come to me a year later to tell me they just didn't know what to say to us.

Let me just tell you... this movie is needed. The silence needs to be broken. There are lots of topics/issues people make movies about and let me just be politically correct here and list a few:
Drug Addiction
Special Needs
I could sit here all night and go on and on....

Return to Zero is about Stillbirth. This movie has an amazing cast, an amazing writer and director, producers,  there were so many people who have pulled together to make this movie possible. This is a real movie, not a documentary, and we need to get it to theaters.

Now the loss community needs YOU. I have become a LOCAL LEADER in my community for this movie. I am telling people about it, I am becoming informed, I want people to see this movie.

I know that not everyone may be interested. I know that it is scary. Who wants to watch a movie about stillbirth? Well, let me tell you... people who have lost their children want to watch it. Our families want to watch it, our friends, our neighbors. They want to watch it because it will be an experience to see this film. It will take you through what we went through. It will open your eyes. It will allow you to see that we are normal people who were dealt a not so normal card. It will help you to understand that this is not an issue that should be ignored. We need to talk about the possibility of stillbirth. We need to start educating one another about it. There are a lot of things that we can do to educate about stillbirth, loss, grief and to get through it in a healthy way.

So here I am, one year after losing my Zoe Jane to stillbirth, asking you to please go to the following link and pledge to see this movie... list me as your Local Leader, say that you will try to go and see this movie... we need 150,000 people to pledge to see Return to Zero so that Hollywood will see that there is an audience for this movie. If we can get enough people to pledge to see it, then they will put it into theaters! It doesn't cost anything to pledge... it just takes a minute and it would mean so much to us!!!

In memory of Zoe Jane, please pledge to see Return to Zero.

Pledge Form:

To see a glimpse of this amazing movie click here:

I would love to hear that you pledged. I would love to know that you are BREAKING THE SILENCE and taking a brave step forward to help others in becoming educated about stillbirth, loss, grief and the effects that it has on ones life. Thank you in advance!